SO. The Break Contest at The Chance has finally come to a close after about 5 months of hard work---pestering people to see me, flyer-ing strangers, losing track of ticket money, laptops falling, waters spilling, the list goes on---and the end result is in: We're playing the Hip-Hip stage at Bamboozle on May 2nd, bitches! We'll be sharing the stage with Grieves, Sam Adams, Wiz Khalifa, Wale, and so so many more. Also performing that day (I chose to play sunday over saturday, obviously!) are Kevin Devine, MGMT, Weezer, Ke$ha, Minus the Bearrrr, Devil Wears Prada, etc etc etc.!! It's going to be so dope. So. Dope. I know I don't need to say this, but I better see you all there.

Although momentarily I only know as many details as you do, I'm going to explain exactly what happened:

How's it going..
The final round of the Break Contest is tomorrow at four o'clock sharp. I'm real pumped. Flynn and I actually practiced/planned all day today, being that we have to perform a cover song as a recently added rule. We were going to cover I Love College, but then decided that would be super douchey.
So we're doing something a little bit cooler.

Anyway, whatever happens, happens. It's been a great three rounds regardless, met some awesome people along the way and had some real fun times. I sold out the tickets I had for tomorrow, which is fantastic---even more will be coming at the door---and I thank you all so much for the support, encouragement, and anticipation.  My Binghamton people, my Goshen people, my Washingtonville people, maybe a few Poughkeepsie folk.. I look forward to being able to perform for you again.

The new album is well on it's way. I've gotta find some dope cover art so I can start bombarding you guys with it on my internet pages. I also need to, like, officially announce this release. Oh and write a few more songs. Such as a new one with A-Game, a conclusive outro track, and a track 2.

Download the Sandlot Blues Revisited mp3 if you haven't already. It was posted for free in an earlier blog. I'm uploading it to my myspace now, because I don't want this track to just die out with time. That'd be way too ironic.
I'm going to post a zshare of Reborn (Updated, with the 99 problems line at the end!) in a few days. So I'm actually somewhat sticking to my idea of releasing all these free files every few weeks. I plan on also posting Better Lemonade, A Living In Verse, some unreleased freestyles, etc etc and eventually working up to releasing new 'unreleased' material.

But hey, great talk, I'll see you all out there tomorrow.
Goodnight, love ya.
Dylan Owen
How much does that suck?

Spring Break was a productive ten days, though. Basically, mad shit went down.

I've been hard at work every day with producer Nico Marchese on my new album, in both writing new material and recording written material. Two songs are fully mixed and mastered---Dev has been hard at work behind-the-scenes---and another two are laid down waiting to be mixed. I've finished writing ANOTHER two which are waiting to be laid down. That leaves four in the making. Equaling ten sweet tracks.

I played two shows and got in a grimy rap battle at one of them (Watch that here: My first rap battle in maaad long). I made a twitter, which I have no idea how to use correctly or to my advantage. And I wrote, and I chilled, and I ventured out and made some dope new friends.

I also heard back from the remainder of the colleges to which I applied. Not sure if I'm supposed to share that information or not, but there were some disappointments and some sweet surprises. I've been accepted to a variety of schools, including Fordham, Cornell, UNC at Chapel Hill, Binghamton, Geneseo, etc etc etc

No idea where I'll be headed to, but April is going to be a busy month. I'll be visiting schools, attempting to do schoolwork amidst senioritis (no pun intended), and attempting to finish this album (as well as record it, do the album art with Tom, and begin its promotion).

Busy busy busy
Spring break was nutz

DO Work and come see me this Sunday at The Chance in Poughkeepsie for The Break Contest Finals to play Bamboozle!!

Hit me up for tickets, bitches.
by adeline